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Do you feel that forum softwares are overdue?

Would you like your forum to have a better web usability, integrated with social networks and new trends?

We offer a completely renovated new Forum platform for your website!

We integrate an excellent user experience, gamification adapted for smartphones and tablets, multi-language, and fully integrated with social networks.

We are in charge of the hosting and upgrading of new functionalites, so that your only concern is to make your community grow!

CMS & Community Platform:

DigitalFans.com designed and developed a CMS so that you can easily manage all the content of your website, so that your community can have an excellent experience, and spend more time on your site increasing your page views.

Our platform, fully integrated with social networks and adapted to smartphones and tablets, offers modular solutions for every need, a loyalty and gamification program and developed for SEO-Friendly.

It also includes a very complete photos and videos gallery, which automatically captures your Facebook photo galleries and videos from YouTube, and embedded them in your website being completely transparent to the user.

As well, it is fully integrated with Twitter to generate a hashtag from your website with its own count and a widget that helps your community to be trending topic much easier.

It also includes an excellent comment system, integrated with social networks. With it, users can comment from any source and capture those comments made on Facebook to include them in your website.

Our CMS & Community platform also includes specific modules for different types of sites, such as sports, and we will keep adding new modules constantly.

Do not worry about hosting, site uptime, or upgrades of the platform, we handle all this for you.


Do you have an integrated plugin for comments from your site to Facebook? Power up your comments with our software. It allows you to include comments from Facebook, Twitter, Google and also users registered on your own site.

As our comment system is integrated with social networks, if a user comments on a note posted on Facebook, that comment is also seen in your site, multiplying the number of comments shown and cross to show the same in desktop, mobile and tablet because our system is responsive.

But that’s not all, users can also comment via emoticons, uploading photos, videos and embedding labeling to other users, and they will be notice, feeding the re-entry of the user, getting more visits and page views.

Social Content Collect

We offer a software in the cloud that will capture and collect for you all the content generated by users from different networks (user-generated content) on a specific topic and include it in your website.

Our technology allows to get all content posted by users on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Vine, YouTube and others, just by a Hashtag choice. All this content is sent to moderation, where you can choose the best photos and videos to create and embed a wall with all that content on a specific topic of your community.

Take advantage of this powerful software to have content of social, cultural, entertainment and sports events, or any place where users generate specific content that can feed your site.

We take care of everything

Our goal is your sucess. The services we offer are end to end. You don’t need any programming skills, our platform is simple to use.

We take care of the platform development, installation and set-up, the hosting on the cloud, constant updates and new modules.

We offer a robust and simple back-end where you can customize the entire layout of your community, colors, advertising banners, content, integration with social networks, newsletter, registered users, etc.

So, you only have to take care of the content and growth of your community.

We evolve with digital trends:

Digital media is constantly evolving and usage trends change fast; if your platform does not adapt to these changes, your visitors will surely migrate to other websites.

Thus, from the start, our platform was built to be integrated with social networks, multi-language and adapted to smartphones and tablets, so as to provide the best experience for your users.


Our cloud system allows installation and setup for your site in only a few minutes.


The service can grow as your community grows. Save money by hiring only what you need.


We develop our functionalities in other to make the user the mean feature, to improve their experience.


Fully integrated with the most popular social networks: Facebook, Google, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and Vine.


Our standing module where you can create amazing photo albums and share them on social networks.


Fully integrated with YouTube, allowing you to post videos with just one click.


Feed your website with the content generated by your users in social networks.


Intelligent search in Forum and CMS, showing results as you type.


The platform contains a multi-language option, where you can easily add your own.


Comment system integrated with social networks, allowing tagging users and uploading photos and videos.


Easily modify the design and colors of your site from the powerful control panel.


You do not need to know any programming code to create your community with us.


You can include any code of banner on your site. Your income is yours.


Attract and retain your users with our loyalty system and gamification, that’s more time on the site and more page views.


You can program an automatic newsletter from the entire database of the platform with all the news from your site.


All interactions between users on the site, generates notifications via email, multiplying the rate of re-entry of users on the same day.


Stay in touch to know our new solutions for your community


Choose best options that fits your needs

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  • Monthly Pricing / Based on annual billing
  • Your Domain
  • All the funtionalities
  • Until 10.000 users
  • Unlimited Disk Space
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[vsc-pricing-column title=”CMS PLATFORM” price=”79″ currency=”$” interval=”Month”]
  • Monthly Pricing / Based on annual billing
  • Your Domain
  • All the funtionalities
  • Until 10.000 users
  • Unlimited Disk Space
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[vsc-pricing-column title=”COMMENTS” featured=”yes” price=”19″ currency=”$” interval=”Month”]
  • Monthly Pricing / Based on annual billing
  • Social Media Integrated
  • Social Media Sync
  • Embed photos and videos
  • Unlimited Comments
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  • Monthly Pricing / Based on annual billing
  • Collect prefered content
  • Capture photos and videos
  • Moderate ir, and publish
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
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